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Margot Robbie’s Jelly Pink Nails at the SAG Awards Were a Nod to Classic Barbie Style

Margot Robbie’s jelly pink nails at the SAG Awards were a nod to classic Barbie style, capturing the essence of vintage Barbie shoes with a pink jelly manicure that evokes a wave of nostalgia. As someone who cherished Barbie during my childhood, I find myself mesmerized by Margot Robbie’s clever nods to Barbie, especially her Easter eggs and references that span the Barbie universe from its inception in 1959. Margot and her beauty team have consistently drawn inspiration from Barbie’s world, delighting fans with every new appearance. At the 2024 SAG Awards, Robbie might not have donned a couture Barbie gown, but her manicure was a subtle tribute to the iconic doll.

Margot Robbie's Jelly Pink Nails at the SAG Awards

Betina Goldstein, a manicurist who often collaborates with Robbie and has played a key role in the Barbie press tour, drew inspiration from Barbie’s quintessential accessory for Robbie’s SAG Awards look: her shoes. Those tiny plastic heels, though often lost, were indispensable to Barbie’s outfit. Goldstein crafted translucent Jelly Pink Nails using a mix of Chanel nail polishes, aiming to mimic the vintage Barbie jelly shoes’ pink hue, perfectly coordinating with Robbie’s ensemble. On Instagram, Goldstein shared the inspiration behind this look, blending shades of Chanel’s nail polish to achieve a jelly-like finish that complemented Robbie’s pink makeup and the pink sash of her Schiaparelli outfit.

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff complimented Robbie’s nails with a pink-themed makeup palette, using Chanel products to enhance Robbie’s look with shades of coral and rose.

Jelly Pink Nails

This SAG Awards manicure isn’t the first time Robbie has celebrated Barbie through her nail art. At the 2024 Critics’ Choice Awards, manicurist Tom Bachik designed a “tonal mannequin mani” in homage to Barbie’s hands. With the Academy Awards on the horizon, anticipation builds for what Robbie and her glam team will unveil next.

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Jelly Pink Nails

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