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Jennifer Lopez’s Almond Shaped Nails: A Sparkle We Can’t Forget

Hey everyone listen up because the stunning Jennifer Lopez is making waves again in the beauty scene with a manicure that’s so dazzling it has us all thinking about stepping up our nail game with some sparkle!

J.Lo, known for her elegant style has been flaunting nail designs in the past year. From chrome finishes, to subtle “no makeup makeup” looks and even a playful nod to the glazed donut trend.. As fashion trends evolve it seems J.Lo is ready to bring the glamour once again, this time with the Almond Shaped Nails.

Thanks to her nail artist, Tom Bachik we’ve got a sneak peek of her nail art created for her “Midnight Trip to Vegas” video. Bachik revealed a “Flower Power” theme thats more about shimmer than petals decorating each of Jennifers almond shaped nails with an array of crystals.

For this enchanting creation, Bachik used @apresnailofficials Stiletto Gel X Tips. Topped it off with their Cherub” gel polish adding a delicate micro French tip, for extra flair.. What stands out the most? Swarovski crystals that sparkle in the light with every movement reflecting the brightness of J.L’s ring.

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When it comes to J.Lo and Swarovski they go hand in hand (remember those rose tips or her Super Bowl “broken glass” look?). This new project shows that when it comes to nail art more is definitely more. And here’s the exciting part. You don’t need a superstar budget to shine like J.Lo. With crystal sets starting at $11 it’s your time to dazzle.

💬 Now it’s your turn readers! Are you ready to embrace the glamour and let your nails steal the spotlight? How do you feel about coordinating your manicure with your jewelry pieces? Share your opinions on your glittering nail stories. Be sure to share this post widely to spread the sparkle! ✨💅

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