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Zendaya’s Natural Curly Lob is Giving a New Hairstyle Inspo

Beauty lovers, the Dune: Part Two press tour is the gift that keeps on dazzling, and the spotlight is firmly on our fashion-forward icon, Zendaya. With each stop around the globe, she’s been serving us unparalleled beauty, hair, and fashion moments that have us all in a tizzy. And just when we thought she couldn’t possibly top her previous appearances, Zendaya arrives in Seoul, South Korea, and leaves us utterly spellbound.

Ditching the sleek, pulled-back dos for something a bit more relaxed and utterly captivating, Zendaya and her stylist, Tai Simon, blessed us with a vision of curly perfection. Her hair, styled in a deep side part and falling in loose, bouncy curls to just above her collarbone, was nothing short of a curly lob masterpiece. Paired with an effortlessly chic, off-the-shoulder pastel pink leather jumpsuit, this look screamed sophistication with a side of fun.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane: In 2022, Zendaya embraced the bob life, a style that flirted just below her jawline, only to switch gears to hip-length waves for a surprise Coachella performance in early 2023. But it seems the lob — that lusciously long bob — has captured her heart for 2024. And honestly, who can blame her? It’s a look that we’re all here for, and it just goes to show that Zendaya and I have more in common than I thought!

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But it’s not just the curls that have us swooning. Zendaya’s brows? Sculpted to utter perfection, framing her face and accentuating her soft, pastel-infused makeup palette. With peachy cheeks, baby pink eyes, and a slick of pale pink gloss, she’s the embodiment of spring beauty goals. And let’s not overlook her costar Timothée Chalamet, who matched her vibe in a blue jumpsuit — too cute for words!

The Dune: Part Two press tour is a fashion and beauty rollercoaster, with Zendaya and Florence Pugh keeping us on our toes at every turn. Their style evolution is a thrilling ride we never want to end.

💬 Now, it’s your turn, darlings! What are your thoughts on Zendaya’s curly lob? Are you as obsessed with her beauty evolution as we are? Share your musings, and don’t be shy to spread the love by sharing this post. Let’s keep the beauty conversation going! 💖✨

Curly Lob takes center stage

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