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Boost Your Skin Barrier with Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum

Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum deserves to win the best beauty award this year, this product is my super hero. Want to know why? Hear my story. When I noticed changes, in my skin I was concerned about the flakiness. Seeking advice from Dr. Olufolakemi Cole Adeife, a Dermatologist, a dear friend, I was confused when she revealed that my skin barrier was compromised. This raised lots of questions, what is skin barrier, what causes its damage and lots more racing in my troubled mind.

Understanding Skin Barrier

Imagine your skin as a structure that plays a role in protecting your body. The outer layer, known as the stratum corneum acts like a brick wall made up of skin cells bound together by lipid mortar – this forms the skin barrier.

Within these ‘bricks’ you’ll find keratin and natural moisturizers while the lipid layer contains cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides. This thin but crucial wall acts as a shield against elements and helps retain moisture within your body to prevent dehydration.

The significance of the skin barrier goes beyond looks; it is essential, for your health and well-being.

The Pursuit of Restoring Skin Barrier Health

Driven by a desire to improve and protect my skin barrier I set out on a journey. A month ago I introduced retinol into my skincare regimen, it appeared promising for a while but eventually resulted in dryness and visible irritation on my skin. In search of relief for my skin, I came across The Acaderma The Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum – a transformative discovery.

The Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum

Referred to as a moment of tranquility for the skin. This lightweight serum offers soothing benefits. Following the advice of Dr. Olufolakemi Cole Adeife I began applying one to two pumps on skin before applying moisturizer. Enriched with revitalizing components like olive leaf extract and centella asiatica renowned for its healing properties the serum reduced redness. Its watery consistency, particularly refreshing in the midst of summer became an inclusion, in my skincare routine.

Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum is energized by two robust Sahara xerophytes: African kinkeliba and cactus. These plants thrive in Africa’s severe, dry conditions, making them ideal for rejuvenating dehydrated and impaired skin. African Kinkeliba, dubbed “la tisane de longue vie” or “the infusion of long life” by the French, is traditionally used for its medicinal tea. However, its benefits for skin care have largely been unexplored by science and dermatology.

Following extensive research, Acaderma’s team has harnessed a patented extract from kinkeliba called Seh-Haw EX, enhancing its skin-care properties a hundredfold to shield and mend the skin’s primary defense layer. In conjunction, cactus extract and Beta-glucan moisturize the skin, while vitamin B5 and aquaxyl act as potent promoters of the skin barrier, ensuring its health both inside and out.

How Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum Works

Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum

For the first time in skincare, the anti-inflammatory and soothing Barrier Serum introduces Seh-Haw EX®, an innovative extract from kinkeliba, a Sub-Saharan plant renowned for its remarkable healing effects. This ingredient outperforms resveratrol by 20% in efficacy and surpasses green tea in antioxidant capacity. Enhanced with Cactus, Olive leaf, and Centella Asiatica extracts, it exceeds aloe vera in soothing capabilities, effectively reducing redness, diminishing inflammation, and fortifying the skin’s fragile barrier to decelerate aging. Additionally, immune-enhancing beta-glucans guard against oxidative damage while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage Instructions: Morning and night, apply to the face post-cleansing and pre-moisturizer. Avoid eye and lip contact. Keep in a cool, dark location.

As we enter another month in the year, Acaderma The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum earns its place in our curated selection of products. Visit our store now. Besides acaderma the oasis barrier booster serum you can also Explore our selected range of skincare products dedicated to repairing your skin barrier – because your skin deserves only the best.

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